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Welcome to Lighthouse Feeding

Lighthouse Feeding provides infant feeding expertise, developmental care, and lactation support in the comfort of your own home.  Feeding is a whole-body activity, it initially involves two people, and let's face it there is a lot that can go wrong. I'm here to help you and your baby get things headed in the right direction.

When you have a new baby and feeding isn’t going as planned it's easy to feel lost at sea. You were not expecting something so natural to be so hard! There is so much conflicting advice out there and it’s difficult to know which way to go. Reach out and I can help you navigate through these stormy days. Using my background as an occupational therapist, lactation consultant, and mom of 4, I will shine some light on the root causes of the challenges you may be facing, educate you on your options, then support you as you journey toward feeding goals that are realistic for you and your family. Spoiler alert: feeding isn't just about what the mouth is doing, and breastfeeding isn't only about making milk! Let's figure out what the unique needs of you and your baby are and get you moving toward more peaceful and brighter days ahead. I can't wait to meet you!

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