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Feeding Evaluation

An in-depth assessment of baby's safety and efficiency with oral feedings. I will look at oral motor skills, suck-swallow-breathe-coordination, early motor skills contributing to feeding, state regulation, positioning, and type of bottle or device used for feedings. A physician's report will be provided (on request) as well as a treatment plan for you to implement at home. I will be available by phone or email for follow up questions on your treatment plan for 2 weeks.

Lactation Consultation

Lets work together to figure out why you're experiencing lactation and/or breastfeeding issues.  This visit includes assessment of both mother and baby.  I'll be looking at: health and birth history, infant reflexes, motor patterns, head shape, oral structure and motor function(cheeks, lips, tongue, palate, frenulum). I will perform a breast exam, take a pre and post breastfeeding weight, and observe/assess a feeding session.  You will receive a customized care plan, a physician's report (on request), and I'll be available for follow up questions on your current care plan for 2 weeks.

Pumping & Flange Sizing Consultation

Hey mama this consultation is focused on you & how to problem solve through your pumping needs.  We'll work together to figure out if the pump and parts you are using are the most comfortable for optimal milk removal. In this session I can help you with a pumping schedule for increasing milk supply, exclusive pumping, or creating a plan for pumping as your return back to work.

Prenatal Consultation

This will be all about planning ahead for the postpartum period. Learn the basics of breastfeeding, risk factors for lactation challenges, expectations of newborn feeding, how to know breastfeeding is going well, and the red flags that breastfeeding isn't going well. 

Follow Up Treatments 

This session for existing clients can include:

  • Follow up on prior recommendations

  • Ongoing assessment of current needs

  • Answering questions on new issues

  • Ongoing feeding therapy/ lactation support

  • Pre and post feeding weight check

  • Updated care plan

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